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You may have noticed that our Jeeter Juice Liquid Diamond Vape Cartridge boxes now look slightly different. It looks like Arizona’s Juice was too loose.

We had to make some changes because there were new rules about what kind of art could be used on our packaging. At the moment, we are selling our old yellow vape boxes in new pouches.

Soon, new “Jeeter Concentrate” boxes will be available at dispensaries near you. These are our new Jeeter Juice Liquid Diamond vape cartridges. The government has approved contemporary art and packaging. Team Jeeter


Liquid Diamonds carts:


Liquid Diamonds is a new product that uses 98%+ THCa diamonds to make the purest vape-ready oil.

• Under certain conditions, the THC in cannabis oil naturally presses together and hardens into rocks of THCa. This is similar to how jewelry diamonds are made.

• We melt down the THCa diamonds to make a strong, pure oil that our special equipment is perfectly tuned for.


Liquid diamonds process


• The way Liquid Diamonds are made is similar to how Live Resin is made.

1. We squeeze the cannabis plant to get the oil out of it.

2. The THCa diamonds (which are solid) and the terpenes (which are liquid) are naturally separated by pressure.

3. We save the terpenes for limited edition projects and melt down the diamonds to make refined Liquid Diamonds oil.

• Because diamonds are made of pure carbon and aren’t mixed with anything else, they don’t have much else in them. This means that there is no plant matter in the oil that is made, and the terpenes in our flower and botanical terpenes have a clear, clean taste.


jeeter juice liquid diamonds hardware


• AVD ceramic core comprises a unique design of microscopic inlets to smoothly absorb the oil for even heating, consistent vaporization, and fewer clogs or leaks.

• The heating coil is carefully embedded within the core so that hot wires never directly touch the oil, avoiding unintentional overheating and oil degradation.

• AVD cartridges employ industry-leading heat consistency, which maintains the coil temperature and avoids heat spikes.


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